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Flatlock Sewing Machine Special

Flatlock Sewing Machine Exporter

Flatlock Sewing Machine Special

The REVO Special Flatlock Machine - Model 52900 is a 5 Thread type used for light to medium heavy cloth in Hosiery, for Shorts, Swimming costumes, Knit goods, Underwear, Panties, Vests, T-Shirts etc.

  • Fully Automatic Oil Lubricated System.
  • Over 5500 Stitches per minute (High Speed).
  • All Frictional parts made from High Grade Steel.
  • Also suitable for double chain.
  • Sturdy inter-changeable parts.
  • All Frictional parts made from High Grade Steel.

Additional Information

Product Code Flatlock Sewing Mach

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications -
Max. Speed 3300 stitches per minute
Seam Double chain, parallel double chain, flatlock, 3,4 & 5 Threads, Parallel Flatlock & 6 threads.
Distance between needles 6 mm & 7/32 Inch
Stitches per inch 8 to 14 (adjustable)
Material Thickness 6 mm
Needle Size 1. DV x 1 # 9 upto 21
Power Required 500 W Integral Clutch Motor - Single phase 2850 RPM
Net Weight 35 Kgs