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The Revo Open Body Flatlock (Folding) Machine - (Model DR-5) is used for T-shirts stitching, hosiery, under-garments, knits stitching - side, front hemming & elastic attaching. It is available in 3 threads, 4 threads & 5 Threads models.

  • Its many applications include Hosiery, Readymade Garments & Tailoring Houses. For Knitted Hosiery Stitching, Blanket whipping, Handkerchief, Carpets on different fabrics like Cotton Woollen, Silk, Nylon etc.
  • Can do over-edging, trimming, over-seaming, serging, piece-end joining for Textile use.
  • Easy threading, interchangeable parts.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications -
No. of Needles 1. Needle - For Textile Cloth End Stitching use.
- 2. Needles - For Socks & Handkerchiefs.
- 3. Needles - For Tailoring, Overlock Shirts & trousers.
Speed 3300 Stitches per minute.
Net Wt. 12 Kgs.
Gross Wt. 20 Kgs.
Price Rs. 1,850/- (US$ 40/-).