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Overlock Sewing Machine

We supply superlative overlock sewing machine which are used in various applications like hosiery, tailoring houses, blanket whipping, for knitted hosiery stitching etc. Our overlock sewing machine is highly reliable and stitches at an incredible speed of 6000 stitches per minute. Our overlock sewing machine is accessible at pocket friendly prices.

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Overlock Sewing Machine High Speed

REVO "DCZ-200" series machine is the latest and the most economical high speed overlock stitcher used for light to heavy weight knit goods or woven fabrics of cotton, nylon, elastic & synthetics. This machine is ideal for high speed work on t-shirts, shirts,

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The Revo Open Body Flatlock (Folding) Machine - (Model DR-5) is used for T-shirts stitching, hosiery, under-garments, knits stitching - side, front hemming & elastic attaching. It is available in 3 threads, 4 threads & 5 Threads models.