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HD Model

D (III) - HD Model (Heavy Duty Model)

The D (III) - HD Bag Closer is built for one purpose. To close bags with a vengeance. Its pressure die cast main parts move cleanly & effortlessly in tandem to stitch bags in a flash. At a peak capacity of 300 bags per hour - the D (III) - HD is FAST & specially formulated body & parts makes the machine go on & on…

If you are looking for round-the-clock work, speed, power & classy looks - then this is the Mercedes of all Bag Closers.

Superior Features :

  • Long life machine - capable of working long hours even in dusty, unfriendly environment.
  • High-speed steel made, pressure die-cast main parts for Heavy Usage.
  • Power-grip toothed timing belt - no slippage - hence saves power & lessens load on motor - so longer motor life!

Other Features :

  • Lustrous oil-paint finish, for long lasting life & protection from wear & tear.
  • Light weight aluminum casting body.
  • Side-openable machine covers for easy & quick maintenance.

D (III) - HD Model (Heavy Duty Model)

D (III) - HD Model - Specifications
Bagclosers Price Weight 6 Kgs
US$ 166.67 Needle(s) 1
INR 6500.00 Needle Type DB x 1 No. 25
- Thread(s) Single Thread (PP, Polyester or Cotton)
- Stitch Type 1 Line, Chain Stitch
- Motor 8000 RPM, 1/10 FHP (220 V or 110 V as required)