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Popcorn Machine

Big, strong and stunning body is the simple features of our popcorn machine, which are adequate for alluring you to own it. Our popcorn machine comes with a dual heater and a stainless steel kettle for a longer run. We provide popcorn machines at affordable prices, which would surely take care of your budget.

Shopping malls, cinemas, dept. stores, fast food parlors, college & office canteens, school areas, crowded streets, wherever People move in large numbers, POPCORN always sells like Hot Cakes - One bag of popcorn has only 55 calories - its filling & plus corn is rich in protein.

The scent of freshly popped corn is enough to pull in the large nos. - and you can quickly recover your low initial investment with each bag sold.
Also no special inputs required other than readily available corn, salt, oil & spice.

Price of Popcorn Machine is: Rs.13,500/- ($ 293.50/-). If you sell just 50 bags a day at Rs.5/- per bag (that is daily sale of only Rs. 250/-). Then you will recover machine cost in 54 days (only 2 months). And from then on -
It's Profit All The Way!!

Popcorn Economics

Cost of 1 Kg of Popcorn Rs. 15.00
Per Kg - about 150 grams Oil Rs. 11.00
Rs. 11.00 Salt, Spices Cost Per Kg Rs. 1.50
Electricity per Kg. Rs. 1.50
TOTAL Cost Per Kg. Rs. 29.00
1 Kg of Popcorn Makes about 27 bags of corn - size 5" x 7" Rs. 1.07/bag
Selling Price Per Bag of Corn Rs. 5.00
PROFIT MARGIN Per Bag Rs. 3.93
Profit margin % About 400 %


Also there can be varieties in popcorn Cheese, Caramel, Salted a different type for every taste & choice.

Write to us for a machine view or any other operational details

Highlights :

  • BEAUTIFUL RED BORDER Metallic Body. Pop Corn machine is a display unit in public places Attractive colour & size pulls in the crowd.
  • Heavy Duty Rotary Motor & Stainless Steel Kettle for continuous use & long life.
  • Dual Heater & Round Rotary Movement, separate switches.
  • Big, sturdy & beautiful body - and easy to clean pull out tray feature for disposing unpopped seeds.