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Overlock Sewing Machine High Speed

Overlock Sewing Machine High Speed

REVO "DCZ-200" series machine is the latest and the most economical high speed overlock stitcher used for light to heavy weight knit goods or woven fabrics of cotton, nylon, elastic & synthetics. This machine is ideal for high speed work on t-shirts, shirts, sportswear etc.

  • Completely automatic oil lubrication with force feed Lubrication pump.
  • 6000 Stitches per minute (High Speed).
  • Suitable to sew light to heavy weight materials.
  • Well-balanced construction, needle and ball bearings for main shafts, and newly designed lubrication with high pressured oil, enable the machine to run at the ultra-high-speed of 6000 stitches per minute entirely free from vibration and noise.

Additional Information

Product Code Overlock Sewing Mach

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications -
Construction Dust Proof, Oil - tight & Completely Enclosed
Stitch Type Over-edge Seaming, Blind Hemming, Safety stitching.
No. of Needles / Threads Available in 1 - 2 needles with 2,3,4 & 5 Threads variation.
Fabric Cutting Done with a set of Special steel knives made of a super hardened alloy.
Lubrication Force Feeding by gear pump & pressure regulating valve.
Needles DC x 1 Size 9 to 18.
Dimensions (w x h x d) 350 x 225 x 285 mm.
Weight 21 Kgs.
Price Rs.15,500/- to Rs. 18,500/- (US$ 337/- to US$ 402/-).